Urban+ is for schools!

We are committed to supporting local schools and sports clubs with their outdoor needs. As schools move towards more sustainable solutions, Urban+ is delivering a range of products to meet their requirements.





We are excited to introduce our new school Refill Stations

We understand there is a need to reduce water wastage and that refilling water bottles from a bubbler is not always conducive to saving water. Additionally, COVID-19 is driving us to put in place new hygiene practices, this is why, our refill stations can be retrofitted to existing environments to offer a safe and hygienic alternative to standard bubblers.

All of our bottle refills:

  • come with push and fill functionality
  • come with spring loaded auto shutoff
  • do not require hand touch (simply push with arm or elbow)
  • are designed to reduce water waste
  • are ideal for placement above existing bubbler systems
  • are available in 2, 3 and 4 refill solutions
  • are made from high quality stainless steel
  • are strong and vandal resistant

We have listened to school requirements and this range has been designed to compliment the existing bubbler. It fits seamlessly above school bubbler systems to create an all-in-one wet area, making use of existing plumbing to reduce installation costs. This range is an extension of our popular BF200 Refill Station which is currently used in schools, sports clubs and parks across Australia. Learn more about our BF200 stand alone and wall mounted options here

To enquire for your school or sports club contact Claire@urbanff.com.au


Join the circular economy

All of our refill stations and fountains, come with our Restore+Refill initiative, where we are committed to providing the best quality that lasts for years to come.

When a station needs fixing, where possible, we will offer a restoration service to bring it back to almost new, rather than a replacement in order to avoid materials entering landfill. This is part of our commitment to drive a more sustainable future and save schools money. Learn more here


Park Furniture

Don’t forget! We also offer the highest quality in street and park furniture including bench seats and picnic tables, ideal for school quadrants.

To find out more about our range contact Claire@urbanff.com.au


Recent work for schools and sports clubs

Pictured from Left to right: BF200 wall mounted refill station (photos 1-4) , PT07 Picnic Table (photos 5-6)