BF200 Water Bottle Refill Wall Mounted Fountain

Water Bottler Refill Station

BF200 Water Bottle Refill Station

The BF200 Wall Mounted Bottle Filler is compact, strong and robust.  It is easy to use and ideal for Schools or recreational areas.  Urban’s outdoor wall mounted fountain gives the user access to water so they can refill their bottles encouraging the reduction in plastic waste.

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BF200 Wall Mounted Bottle Filler Refill Fountain 

This wall mounted, water bottle refill station is the perfect solution for today’s bottled-water-consuming lifestyle. This outdoor fountain gives the user real, practical access to water to refill their drink bottle without the usual struggle.


  • Total Height: 353mm
  • Width: 166mm
  • 8mm steel one piece heavy duty construction


  • Hot spray galvanised, primed and powder coated.
  • Available in many different colours. See colour selector. 
  • Stainless Steel insert and Filler nozzle
  • Vandal resistant 316 security screws


  • 1/2″ inlet
  • Custom S/S filler nozzle

Fixing Options

  • Wall Mounted


  • Available in short version
  • Available with Carbon Filter
  • Logo embellishment

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