Urban Fountain and Furniture’s range of Bins are strong, durable and attractive. As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Street Furniture, Urban has a range of bins suitable for any project.
From the classic, heritage look of the Brisbane City Council Bins, to the modern, stylish Aston, you can find a bin that is just right for your project.
  • BB01-Butt-f

    BB01 Butt Bin

  • Wheelie Bin Enclosure

    Civic Bin (240L) Wheelie Bin Enclosure

  • DSC_0006

    Civic Bin (90L)

  • RB01-Bcc-f

    RB01/s BCC Bin

  • RB08

    RB08 Bin

  • RB10-Aston-f

    RB10 Aston Bin